No and Low Alcohol


Everything in moderation; that's what my dad always said. There are times when you just want something refreshing and delicious that is also refreshingly and deliciously low in alcohol. We have got you covered. 


Borrago #47 Paloma Blend


Mouth-wateringly fresh and dry with a floral nose, complex layers of citrus, spice, pepper and a long clean finish. Naturally delicious grownup drinks with no alcohol. Six steam distilled botanicals are individually processed and then blended together to...


Lyres Non Alcoholic Italian Spritz


The bittersweet flavour of the Italian Spritz is like sunshine itself, bright with flavours typical of its origins. The sweetness from orange is perfectly fused with the complex and astringent flavours of rhubarb, finishing dry and deliciously refreshing.


Copenhagen Organic Sparkling Tea Pink

£16.45 £14.81

Elegant creamy Raspberry Rose Hibiscus come with a bitter and dry aftertaste. Innovative Non-alcoholic Organic drink. Sparkling Tea is a new innovative drinks category, Lyserød is based on 11 teas. Oolong Hisbiscus Silver Needle. Fresh and...


Copenhagen Organic Sparkling Tea Green

£16.45 £14.81

Based on 7 different teas. Green teas, lemongrass and white teas. Significant notes of citrus and slight ginger, creating a crisp and fresh expression, yet with a soft attack on the mid-palatae thanks to the use of white teas. Finished with delicate...


Warners 0% Juniper Double Dry


Elegant alcohol-free dry gin-substitute from master distillers Warner's. Using similar techniques to those employed to produce their full-strength gins, Warners proudly produce a delicious "Low and No" spirit that makes an excelent alcohol-free G&T.


Copenhagen Organic Sparkling Tea Vinter

£16.45 £14.81

Elegant, warm, soft and sweet with notes of cinnamon, cardamom and cloves - CST's take on Glögg.The taste of vinter - soft and delightful. The taste of vinter - soft and delightful. Innovative organic tea-based elixir which at only 5% alcohol is a...


Pentire Adrift


Coastal, herbaceous, fresh. Distilled from coastal botanicals. Pentire is made by distilling unique plants native to the Cornish coastline. Awards and Press News: Featured in: The Guardian, Imbibe, Olive Magazine, Metro, The i, The Spirits Business,...


Warners 0% Pink Berry


Elegant alcohol-free pink berry gin-substitute from master distillers, Warner's. Using similar techniques to those employed to produce their full-strength gins, Warners proudly produce a delicious "Low and No" spirit that makes an excellent...


Copenhagen Organic Sparkling Tea Red

£16.45 £14.81

Based on 10 different teas. Hibiscus, white teas and black teas. Comfortably bitter and dry, due to the hibiscus tea, which acts like the shell of a grape, providing colour and slight bitterness. Discrete notes of wild berries and mint. All softened by...


Copenhagen Organic Sparkling Tea Blue

£16.45 £14.81

Based on 13 different teas. Jasmine, white teas and darjeeling. Highly complex taste, which develops on the palate. Starting with delicate aromas of jasmine, followed by a fresh and soft expression, thanks to the white teas, and finished off with a more...

Three Spirit

Three Spirit Nightcap Non Alcoholic Elixir


A soothing and naturally-flaoured botanical drink containing aromaitc extracts of plant, tree sap and spices, in a nod to the centuries-old recipies of apothecaries. Flavours of lemon zest, valerian root and hops harminise with complex notes of spice and...


Seedlip Spice 94


Earthy, woody aromas. Clove, lemon and cardamom on the palate. Seedlip, the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit is made like a gin with botanicals, but is definitely not a gin. The predominant flavour is clove rather than juniper, and, most...


Ceders Ceder's Classic Non-Alcoholic Spirit


Secret recipe of natural botanicals blended with prestine Swedish water.␉␉␉␉␉␉␉␉␉ A strikingly smooth distilled classic London Dry Gin. Ceders is a distilled non-alcoholic premium drink, offering all the flavours of gin without the alcohol. It is a...

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