Red grapes in vineyard

Red wine is made by soaking grape juice on the skins of the grape, extracting colour, rich flavours and tannins. The thickness of the grape skin, the amount of time the juice spends with the skin and the ripeness of the fruit all make a wine what it is. Thicker skinned Cabernet Sauvignon, for example, generally produces wine which is rich, full-bodied and tannic, while thinner skinned Pinot Noir and Grenache produce flavoursome wines lighter in body and tannin. 


Gauchezco Reserve Malbec, Mendoza 2019


Because you asked, we have sourced a selection of great wines, available only by the case. Because who doesn’t want to have a few extra bottles on hand for that impromptu celebration?! These wines are only available in full cases of 6 bottles, so...

Stedt Wines

Stedt Wines Pinot Noir, Oregon 2016


Intriguing aromas of herb and tomato leaf in this Oregon Pinot Noir, followed by lovely, rich flavours of earth, mushroom and crushed plum. This is a versatile wine for food pairing. Try it with a rack of lamb served on the pink side, wild mushroom...

Roquette and Cazes

Roquette and Cazes Xisto, Douro 2015


Rich Douro red, powerful earthy and elegant, with a delicate bouquet of violets, cassis and black cherries and a soft palette rich in ripe fruit. Tannins are smooth-grained and fine, and the finish is long and delicious. Rich, earthy intense Douro reds...

La Spinetta

La Spinetta Barolo Garretti, Piemonte 2017


Tasting note: A wine with great power and refinement. A marriage of sweet aromas of ripe fruit and spice, broad flavours, and generous, warm and enveloping tannins. The 11 acre Garretti vineyard is one of the few parcels of the entire denomination that...

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