Juan Gil Rosado, Jumilla 2019


Full-flavoured rosé from Jumilla in Spain, scented with nuts, toast and apricots while the mouth fills with red plums, cherries and cranberries. This Rosado the perfect wine for picnics, barbeques and summer parties. Fresh salads, seafood paella and...

Ramon Bilbao Gran Reserva, Rioja 2012


Serious Rioja but made in the modern style; structured but approachable, with layers of ripe plum and blueberry and a fine wisp of tobacco on the nose. It pairs well with roast lamb, red meats and richly sauced dishes. The 2010 growth cycle had a...

Ramon Bilbao Mirto, Rioja 2015


A ruby red wine with hints of fresh dark fruits and ripe cherries, reminiscent of white pepper and eucaplyptus. Oily and lingering in mouth. 100% Tempranillo, pairing well with mushroom dishes, stewed meat, and chocolate. In Rioja, Ramon Bilbao have 205...

Mar de Frades Albarino, Rias Baixas NV


Complex, expressive Albariño, the seafood-loving white grape of Galicia in northern Spain; this is full of white fruit, with a faint aroma of toast and beautiful eucalyptus notes. The time on lees lends an elegant and fine mousse with soem autolytic...

Ramon Bilbao Albarino, Rias Baixas 2020


Albariño from a prestigious region of Galicia, tropical on the nose, with pineapple and passion fruit balanced by flowers and a juicy mouthful of apricot and mango. It pairs perfectly with mussels, squid, octopus, also risottos and marinated or...

Pere Ventura Cuvee Classic, Cava NV


Fragrant, balanced Cava, full of green apple and white peach, with delicate scents of toasted brioche and lemon balm. Ideal as an appetiser or to accompany fish and savoury pastries, Pere Ventura's complexity also lends itself to richer pastas and white...

Ramon Bilbao Crianza, Rioja 2017


Rioja from a respected producer, full of black fruit plus an intriguing sour note, so that added to the sweetness of blackberries and blackcurrants comes the tang of blackberry yoghurt. Is an excellent accompaniment to cold meats, mild cheeses and a...

La Osa Pardo Mencia, Bierzo 2018


Elegant, well-balanced Spanish red, heady with violets and white pepper, followed by cherry and raspberry on the palate. A great match for roast chicken, smoked meat, and rich Italian pasta dishes such as spaghetti bolognaise. La Osa, is the name of...

Ramon Bilbao Reserva, Rioja 2015


Elegant, sophisticated Rioja, packed with blackberries and scented with cedar, leather and spice. This wine pairs perfectly with international cuisine (curried dishes and spicy dishes) or traditional food such as red meats, game and mature cheeses. The...

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