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Quinta do Infantado

Quinta do Infantado Unfiltered LBV Port 2015

£21.95 £19.17

Fresh, fruity and spicy, full of round ripe and smooth tannins. A gorgeous LBV Port offering much of the character of Vintage Port at a fraction of the price. From the Cima Corgo region of the Douro (reknowned for making the best Ports),...

Quinta Do Crasto

Quinta Do Crasto Colheita 2003


Elegant vintage port, packed with dried fruit, figs and orange peel with just a flash of bitter orange, balanced by honeyed notes. Pair with dark chocolate, desserts with almond, hazelnut and fig, or a platter of soft, full-flavoured cheeses...

Quinta Do Crasto

Quinta Do Crasto Vintage Port, Douro 2017


Super-concentrated and fresh berry fruit, and a gentle spice of fragrant resin are enveloped by fine tannins. Ports are the ideal partner for a cheeseboard, chocolate dessert or even an intense Port wine reduction. Full flavoured cheeses such as a good...

Emilio Lustau

Emilio Lustau Manzanilla Papirusa, Jerez NV

£22.95 £20.66

Manzanilla is the dry sherry from the Andalusian coast and this has a fine combination of salty sea breeze and soft chamomile aromas, with a curl of orange peel on the palate. The Carrascal vineyard is planted exclusively to palomino Fino variety. The...

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